A mystical land ruled by evil . . . Few creatures who remember how life used to be. . . And a young girl flung into this magical world of tyranny and oppression.

The magical world of Althord Loch is crumbling . . . at the hands of evil. Fifteen-year-old Mirri is struggling with the guilt of her father’s death . . . until she lands in front of a twisting staircase, in a land of forbidden magic.

With the help of an orphaned elf and lonely Loofa, Mirri accepts her fate. Together, these misfits must change the course of this world—or die trying.

Walking over rushing waters and battling Fangars are only parts of the danger that lies ahead. Join Mirri on the adventure of a lifetime—an adventure that teaches Mirri it’s not how much power you hold—it’s how much you believe in yourself.

A Magic Evermore: Book One in the Mirri Langley Series

A Secret Nevermore:

Book Two in the Mirri Langley Series

16-year-old Mirri thought she had left the world of Althord Loch behind.

But when her friends need her help, she has no choice but to return. Mirri is pulled from her world for a dire emergency—to look into the eyes of the murderer of Avi, the remembered ruler of Althord Loch.

And she saw someone she did not expect to see.

When secrets bubble to the surface, and Mirri is forced to watch memories play out in front of her, she realizes not only murder is at play, but something much, much worse. How can Mirri save someone she never really knew?

With the help of Lonar, a Koltarian harboring ulterior motives, and Theodisis, an enemy centaur, Mirri has no choice but to end this curse—because if she doesn’t, life as she knows it will never be the same. Together, they must face the dangers of the Homlock, which has ravaged the land of Koltaria and threatens to destroy everything Mirri holds dear. But the truth about Avi’s death may be more shocking than she ever imagined . . .